Synexcoin 2.0

The future begins here

Token Model

The crypto trading club


To enter the pool you need to pay a entry fee of 3% from your invested USD amount, but if you hold your tokens until the first of a month you get 3% interest and so you can compensate the entry fees.


To sell tokens, send the desired amount to 0x02fb0c0fa8a3c0d298f3239d29bf07ab4a478c53, you will automatically get Ethereum back to your address. The value is determined at the time of the transaction.


The starting price of the token is fixed at 0.33 USD and will increase steadily by 3% each month.

How it works?

The only thing you have to do is buy tokens through our website. The 3% entry fee is included in the buy price. ​ You can buy or sell the tokens at a fixed price at any time, no registration and no KYC is necessary.

Our Team

  • Sales and marketing manager skills, educated and knowledge of telecommunication services, working since 2009 as crypto-expert and involved in the international mining market. Work`s with trading partners around the globe to make crypto mainstream. ​ Support languages in english, croatian and german

    Richard Stinson – Founder & CEO

  • Educated in human resources management in Switzerland, Diploma in computer science studies, Diploma of Cambridge. Working experiences in UK, USA, Switzerland, Germany and France from 1993 - 2017 Support languages in english, french, italian and german

    Dave Fontana Jun. – Co-Founder

  • We have many freelancers in the team responsible for development and marketing. We are constantly looking for new dedicated members for our team.